Top Things to Do in Space Coast Florida

Top Things to Do in Space Coast Florida

Things to do in space coast


With powdery beaches and an abundance of wildlife, you'll never run out of things to do in Space Coast, Florida. There's never a dull moment in Space Coast. You'll never have the same experience twice, whether you visit the Brevard Zoo or the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, because each one is unique. 


In Central Florida, you'll find the theme parks, but if you don't make it to Florida's Space Coast, you'll be missing out on a more authentic experience of the Sunshine State. For those who want to explore the area's pure natural beauty while learning the art of surfing or paddling through bioluminescent seas at night, the Space Coast is a great place to start.


Check out the following list of things to do in Space Coast and start planning your next Space Coast vacation today!


Pay a visit to the Space Center.


The Kennedy Space Center is jam-packed with things to see and do, so plan on staying for a few days if you wish to explore everything it has to offer. It is possible to go on a guided tour to visit ancient space exploration relics such as NASA's Mars Rover or an Apollo program aircraft & SpaceX


You may also dine with actual astronauts and learn about their training, as well as learn about NASA's daily operations and the status of current missions. Those aged 3-11 pay $47; those aged 12 and up pay $57. Visitors who are over the age of 60 and those serving in the United States armed forces are eligible for special discounts.


Exhibits in the facility include an Astronaut Hall of Fame, IMAX movies, space displays, simulators, and a rocket garden. An inexpensive, four-hour walking tour that includes lunch costs $20 and can be found among the many specialist tours available.


Kayak in the company of giraffes.


The Brevard Zoo in Melbourne, on the Space Coast, is fantastic. Exhibitions are built into the Florida landscape and are accessible by raised boardwalks, creating an open-air ambiance. Zoos in America don't usually offer guided tours of their live animal exhibits, but this one does. 


Expedition Africa allows you to paddle alongside a guide, allowing you to see giraffes, ostriches, zebras, and rhinos from a safe distance on the water. With the Wild Florida exhibit, you can go on self-guided paddle tours to see more recognizable local creatures. 


The entrance fee for those 65 and over is around $20, while the fee for those 12 and over is around $25. The cost of admission for children ages 3–11 is approximately $15. A paying adult must accompany children under 12, and those under the age of 5 are not allowed to kayak.


Learn how to surf.


Located just 15 minutes from the Space Center, Cocoa Beach is a great place to spend the day if you enjoy surfing. There is a bronze monument north of downtown depicting Cocoa Beach native and 11-time world surfing champion Kelly Slater. There are numerous possibilities for surfing instruction if you wish to follow in Kelly Slater's footsteps. 


For a one-hour session, guests at Pure Aloha Surf can pay $45; a second person can join for an additional $25. Group classes at Cocoa Beach Surf start at $40. Group fees at Ron Jon Surf School are $50/hour. Keep an eye out for Groupon deals before making a final decision. Also, the Florida Surf Museum is located next door to Ron Jon's world-renowned surf store and is open all day and night.


Explore the zoos and wildlife parks.


There are numerous zoo and wildlife attractions to explore while visiting Kennedy Space Center. Brevard Zoo is a well-known tourist attraction in the area. Over 900 animals are in residence at Brevard Zoo, a 75-acre non-profit facility. A wide variety of activities are available at the zoo, including a train trip, kayaking, and behind-the-scenes tours. 


Additionally, visitors can feed giraffes and zip lines through the air at the zoo. This is an excellent spot for a single vacation. The Ulumay Wildlife Sanctuary, located north of the zoo, is home to a wide variety of wetland birds. The Banana River Aquatic Preserve is a great place to watch mangroves and manatees in the same area as the Banana River. If you like animals, this is a must-do on your list of things to do in Space Coast.


Go on a Disney tour.


If you're planning a trip to Florida's Space Coast, consider spending the day at Disney World. Be sure to read about the whole post-COVID Disney theme park experience as the parks reopen. If you're traveling with children, Disney World is a must-see destination for the whole family. 


Disney's Magic Kingdom is barely an hour away if you're already at the Kennedy Space Center. Seeing all of Disney World in a single day is impossible, but there are plenty of other attractions, activities, and excursions to choose from. If you're thinking about your next vacation, you may want to include a stop at Disney World in the itinerary.


Enjoy boating and fishing excursions.


Boating can also be a lot of fun. This is true even if you are simply taking a tour or renting a boat for a short period of time. Airboat rides on the St. Johns River are a must while you are here. A typical tour lasts between an hour and two hours, during which time you'll see a wide variety of birds and alligators of various sizes. A few businesses provide this service, so shop around to find the best deal.


Instead of simply going boating, consider going on a fishing excursion. It's possible to go fishing in the water rather than merely fishing from a pier or the coast.


If you're thinking about going fishing, be sure to do your research and select a reputable fishing charter. Fin & Fly is your best bet in the neighborhood. The company has a stellar track record, as seen by the numerous 5-star evaluations it has received. In addition to their boats, captains have a plethora of information about the area and the species that inhabit it. Fishing with a guide is definitely the best way to get the most out of your experience.


Check out the Bioluminescent Lagoon.


The bioluminescent lagoons on the Florida Space Coast are a must-see for all visitors. Chemical reactions in Florida's cone jellyfish and dinoflagellates plankton cause them to light up whenever water is disturbed. An unrivaled blue water experience can be had when this phenomenon is interrupted. 


Many firms have started giving tours of the Bioluminescent Lagoon waters to take advantage of the stunning landscape. A slew of tour operators offer kayak, paddleboard, and other fin trips, and they all promise an unforgettable outing in the great outdoors.


Enjoy some shopping.


In addition, travelers to the Florida space coast can shop for souvenirs in the area's many shopping malls. Ron Jon Surf Shop is located on the Space Coast. Cocoa Beach Surf Company at Cocoa Beach and Melbourne Beach's Longboard House are two nearby surf shops. These shops are excellent for buying beach items, postcards, and presents. 


On the other hand, Titusville, Cocoa Village, and Melbourne have historic downtown areas as well. Shops selling antiques and gifts can be found here. There are a lot of fantastic places to eat so that you can organize your holiday around food allergies. Definitely, shopping on the Florida Space Coast at the Kennedy Space Center is a terrific option for those who enjoy shopping.


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